BHUVANA KRUTHI ~~ Her Name Starts with Music!

At first glance, she is a beautiful, innocent 'kid' ! Listen to her sing, and you feel she resembles the voice of the legendary Chitra. Well, that is what she aspires to become! :).  Trust me, You wouldnt find a young gal at 14 to be so dedicated to something she loves. Be it her dedication to studies or her unwavering commitment to music, she stands out as a cut above the rest. Quite surprising for her age, she loves 'Challenges' and leaves no opportunity to test herself and constantly engages in an endeavor to better herself.

Her creativity and imagination, coupled with her penchant for Music enables her to deliver, just 'the best' at every podium. Her go-getter attitude is showcased in something she firmly believes in, "No song is impossible to sing". Her achievements and accolades stand testimony to the fact that her passion for music has made Hyderabad(Andhra Pradesh) take pride of her.